We sometimes get asked to write #onepoundpoems as gifts for people. So we’ve started experimenting with optional paper backings and envelopes as extras for you to keep your poems in 다운로드.

All of the papers we use are hand-trimmed – including the slips of paper we type the poems on (which is nice, yes?). These optional papers are available by separate purchase for commissioned poems (and help pay for the rest of the project!) 다운로드.

A few sample papers below (we’re working on more!).*

Potential poem-y papers for @hackneyfleamarket DIY this Sunday 이나즈마일레븐 스트라이커즈 다운로드! Want to write a poem for yourself or your loved ones? Come see me & @garethbrookes for some @onepoundpoems and let us do the dirty work for you. (*Optional holiday poem-y papers extra 어메이징 스파이더맨 2 apk 다운로드! Limited options available.) #cashonly #norefunds #poetry #zines #thefuture

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 *Warning: Styles available at random 런타임 라이브러리 다운로드. Prices based on whim. No guarantees.


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