The One Pound Poems Project is a live verse endeavour originally begotten by writer and artist Amber Hsu and a portable 1936 Remington Model 5. Its premise is simple — to bring the reader and writer together in a single moment of spontaneous creation and exchange.

The project is often frequented by other poets including poet J. Jason Mitchell, graphic novelists Gareth Brookes, Alexis Deacon, et al. Thus One Pound Poets can often be found roaming the streets, or art-filled market halls, gathering pounds and pittances from other wanderers in search of verse.


Should you ever chance upon One Pound Poems with a loose pound in your purse and a poetic inkling or two, do bestow upon them your shining, hard-earned token. You shall then be rewarded with a verse typed spontaneously on the spot. Just. For. You.

If you would prefer not to leave such an occasion upon chance, please check the upcoming events listings for our next outings. Or, get in touch here and invite us somewhere. At the very least, you may join us on the wide roamings of the internets, and let us barrage you with our nearly impressive verse.


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